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Setup and Deployment

(Full Video)

Own a Glambot

Glambot Assembly

(A guide to setting up your unit)


(Turning on your unit)

Running paths and filming

(Using an iPhone and Snappic)

Connecting a GoPro using Snappic

30 minute or less setup time. Take the guesswork out of setup with rapid deployment in 30 minutes or less.

Screen Shot 2023-07-19 at 2.49_edited.png

12' Wide x 12' Deep x 10' High of Space. Hard Space Only

(no grass, dirt, sand, etc.)


While possible with one person, we recommend setup with two people. The heaviest piece weighs aprox 70lb.

Glambot power requirements

Access to 110V Dedicated

Power Outlet

Setup the Glambot
clean-surface-icon-illustration-on-white-background-vector copy 2.png

Access to 110V Dedicated

Power Outlet

Assembly and Deployment Guide

Compete Owner's Manual

Warranty Information

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