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Glambot for Photo Booth Owners

Offering a Glambot robotic arm in your photo booth services can be a game-changer for your business. Here are three reasons why photo booth owners should consider adding a Glambot robotic arm, like those seen on the red carpet, to their offerings:

Premium Upselling Opportunity: Adding a Glambot to your photo booth rental offerings provides an opportunity for premium upselling. By offering this unique and exclusive service, you can attract clients looking for a high-end photo booth experience. This allows you to increase your pricing and profitability, as clients will be willing to pay a premium for the extraordinary experience the Glambot provides. Average price points for Glambot rentals are between $3k-$6k, making a breakeven for photo booth owners of only 5-10 events depending on operating margin. Glambot also opens the door to high-end corporate clients to help expand your business.

Photo Booth Glambot

Wow Factor: If the sheer size of the robot and set-up don't impress you then the stunning slow-motion videos will! The Glambot robotic arm brings the "wow" factor to any event. Glambot captures guests from unique angles, creating a glamorous and cinematic experience reminiscent of red carpet moments. By offering the Glambot, you will set your photo booth company apart from the traditional ones and leave a lasting impression on your clients and their guests. 

Social Media Hype: In today's digital age, everyone loves to share memorable experiences on social media. The Glambot offers an irresistible opportunity for guests to capture attention-grabbing content. The slow-motion videos produced by the robotic arm are highly shareable and visually captivating, making them perfect for social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. This can generate buzz and bring additional visibility to your photo booth business.

Shareing can be done instantly via the Snappic app or whatever app you choose to use. Videos are captured in portrait which are compatible with TikTok and Instagram Stories. The orientation can also be change to landscape is the client prefers this orientation. 

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