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Elevate your events, increase user engagement, or get perfect product shots. Glambot can do it all! Whether you are a photo booth rental company, an experiential marketing agency or an online retailer, Glam bot can take your business to the next level. We offer state of the art hardware perfectly paired with existing and modified software. Glambot simply could not be any easier to use and operate yourself.

Let us execute the perfect shot for you with our state of the art Glambot and industry leading directors. From weddings and events to corporate activations, we will help ensure you not only get great videos but that your guest and clients will have an experience they will never forget! Needing some product video work done? we can do that too. From online retailers to working with commercial producers, we do it all!

Lights, Camera, Glam

Glambot® is a state of the art cinematic robotic arm that pairs functionality and usability. You don't need to be a robotics engineer to use it and you don't have to be a videographer to get great shots with it. Glambot is perfect for:

  • Weddings and events

  • Experiential activations

  • Product Filming

  • Cost sensitive niche production

It's as simple as connecting your iOS device or camera and pressing go!


starting at $15,995


Buy a Glambot
Robot dimensions

Height range: 152mm (0.5') to 2722mm (8’11”)

Horizontal extension: 1605mm (5'3")

Glambot Speed

Operation speed: 9 ft/s 

Path speed: 3 seconds

Glambot Weight

Robot: 173 lbs

Max payload: 3 lbs

Glam Bot paths

12 pre defined paths

Infinite path infrastructure

Learn more about the technical specifications here



The Experience

Starting at $2995

  • 1 On-site Director

  • 1 On-site Host

  • Unlimited Videos

  • Logo Watermarking on Videos

  • Instant Text and Email Sharing

  • Optional Enhanced Branding

  • Optional Branded Intro and Outro Videos

  • Option Custom Background Soundtrack

  • 4'x12' Red Carpet

  • LED Video Lighting Set

  • Online Hosting of Videos

  • Delivery, Set-up and Takedown


Glambot Rental


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  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Facebook

Paths and Edits

We are currently offering 12 Glambot paths and 5 Glambot edits for 60 possible combinations.

Path- "Full Sweep L" (lft>rt, high>low)

Edit- "Single Path w/Freeze Frame"

Path- 3 Path Combo

Edit- 3 Path Combo

Path- "Reveal" (center, low>high)

Edit- "Single Path w/Reverse"

Path- "Center Push" (cntr, high>low)

Edit- "Single Path w/Freeze Frame"

Path- Striaght Push (cntr, bck>frnt)

Edit- Single Path w/Reverse

Path- "Full Sweep R" (rt>lft, low>high)

Edit- "Single Path w/Freeze Frame"

Path- "3/4 Sweep R" (rt>lft, mid>high)

Edit- "Single Path w/Reverse"

Path- 3 Path Combo

Edit- 3 Path Combo

Path- "Reveal" (center, low>high)

Edit- "Single Path w/Freeze Frame"

Path- "Swing to Middle" (lft>rt, high>mid)

Edit- "Single Path w/Freeze Frame"

See more videos HERE

Glambot News & Updates

Thursday, April 4th, 2024

Glambot  is Now Compatible with Touchpix

The landscape of live events and experiential marketing is witnessing a remarkable transformation, thanks to innovative technological solutions aimed at enhancing audience engagement and participation. At the forefront of this evolution are Glambot and Touchpix, two companies that have carved niches for themselves in providing unique, memorable experiences for event attendees. The recent announcement of Glambot's integration with Touchpix marks a pivotal moment in the industry, promising to redefine the way moments are captured and shared.


The collaboration between Glambot and Touchpix brings together the best of both worlds: Glambot’s unparalleled ability to capture cinematic, slow-motion videos with the seamless, instant sharing capabilities of Touchpix. Events can now not only boast high-end videography but also ensure that these moments are shared widely and effortlessly. This integration significantly benefits event organizers, marketing agencies, and brands looking to provide an extraordinary experience to their audiences while achieving maximum engagement and visibility.

As we look to the future, it's clear that the experience of attending live events will continue to evolve, driven by technological innovations like the Glambot-Touchpix integration. This collaboration is not just about elevating the quality of event videography. It's about creating a connected experience, where every attendee can become an instant storyteller, sharing their unique moments with the world in real-time.


Friday, January 31st, 2024

Glambot  Featured by BizBash as a Must Have

We have all seen highlights from award shows of celebrities throwing their dresses in slow motion as a robotic arm films a captivating video. What was once a dream of simulating this red carpet experience is now a reality thanks to Glambot®.

Through their innovative robotic design, Glambot™ is able to provide the once ultra high-end service without the exorbitant price tag. Their mission is to bring the allure and sophistication of the red carpet to a wider audience, making it accessible and affordable for live events.

Glambot® has taken a unique approach to help make robotic cinematography available to a larger audience, and—having already worked on activations for Meta, Paramount, Tiktok, and others—they are quickly becoming the next trend in the photo/video experiential space. Their approach is to simplify the client and guest experience by using a proprietary robot paired with a GoPro. Event guests are instructed by a director where to stand and what to do. The director chooses a path and edit for the guest(s) based on group size, outfits, and environment. The result is a stunning, unique, and highly sharable video. Currently, they offer 12 unique paths that pair with five real-time editing options for a total of 60 video combinations.

Instantly edited videos that can be texted and emailed in real time may be the most impressive feature of Glambot™. Within a minute, users are able to receive their videos, which are sized and lengthened for social media sharing. Effects such as slow-motion, freeze frames, color washes, and more are applied to the videos to further enhance engagement, while fully branded content helps to ensure that clients receive maximum exposure. From end-to-end, it is a seamless experience for both clients and event guests.

Experientially, Glambot® feels very reminiscent of 360 photo booths when they first appeared on the market—but higher-end. While both offer a unique and immersive experience for event attendees, Glambot™ takes it to the next level with its captivating robotic design and Hollywood-inspired slow-motion videos. The combination of cutting-edge technology, stunning visuals, and real-time editing options sets Glambot™ apart as the latest and greatest for those seeking to elevate their events' experiential offerings. FULL ARTICLE


Friday, January 31st, 2024

Glambot® used in Social Media Influencer Campaign

When it comes to innovative video production, Glambot has made a name for itself by offering cutting-edge technology that captures stunning footage from unique angles. Their signature robotic arm provides a creative way to shoot videos and live events, covering all the action from a bird's eye view. Recently, Glambot® was enlisted by State Farm Insurance company to help with a social media influencer campaign promoting their Super Bowl commercial.

State Farm Insurance recognized the power of video marketing and the importance of presenting their brand in an engaging and fun way. They turned to Glambot™ to capture unique content, and the resulting footage was the talk of social media. By utilizing the robotic arm technology, Glambot® was able to highlight key moments from the shoot also showcasing their own innovative approach to video production.The campaign featuring many well known influencers was largely successful, generating a lot of positive attention towards State Farm Insurance and making a significant impact on their overall brand awareness. Glambot's pioneering technology has helped countless brands promote themselves in compelling new ways, and their 

contribution to State Farm's campaign is just one example of the power of cutting-edge video marketing. Glambot® has revolutionized the way we think about video production, offering a unique perspective on the world of video. Their robotic arm technology continues to change the game, and we can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Friday, January 31st, 2024

See you at the Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas!​

We are excited to announce that we will be not only attending PBX this year but will also be leading a master class on all things Glambot®! The Master Classes will be in the Conference center across the hall from the PBX seminar room on the 2nd floor.

Join CEO McLain Harvey and Lead Engineer, Trent Canales as they cover all things Glambot™. Learn about implementation, best practices, capabilities and more, with deep dive into these four key areas:

• Integrating Glambot™ into your business
• Setup and 
• Basic Troubleshooting
• Setup and Operation


McLain is the CEO and co-founder of Pixster Photo Booths. Pixster is one of the largest photo booth rental companies in the country with more than 7,000 events per year. In 2020, McLain started Glambot™ with the vision of bringing cinematic robots to the photo booth industry.

About Trent Canales: Trent worked as a lead engineer for Apple before forming his own consulting firm. Trent joined Glambot™ in 2022 as the lead engineer and project manager. He has a broad acumen in engineering and is a true master at what he does.

Photo Booth Expo

Friday, December 1st, 2023

GLAMBOT™ 2.0 is HERE!!!


12 unique paths

Improved smoothness

Snappic integrated

Height adjusted look-at

Easier to assemble

iPhone 15 compatible

Glambot Los Angeles

Domestic pre-sales are now open! Please fill out the presale form to be the first to receive your Glambot™. A $1000 fully refundable deposit is required to reserve your place in line. The first Glambot™ units will ship on or before 4/1/24. Full payment will be charged to the card on file once your unit has shipped. You may cancel anytime by emailing us at

Glambot pre-sale units are extremely limited and will go fast!

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