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Glambot™ used in social media influencer campaign

When it comes to innovative video production, Glambot™ has made a name for itself by offering cutting-edge technology that captures stunning footage from unique angles. Their signature robotic arm provides a creative way to shoot videos and live events, covering all the action from a bird's eye view. Recently, Glambot™ was enlisted by State Farm Insurance company to help with a social media influencer campaign promoting their Super Bowl commercial.

State Farm Insurance recognized the power of video marketing and the importance of presenting their brand in an engaging and fun way. They turned to Glambot™ to capture unique content, and the resulting footage was the talk of social media. By utilizing the robotic arm technology, Glambot™ was able to highlight key moments from the shoot also showcasing their own innovative approach to video production.

The campaign featuring many well known influencers was largely successful, generating a lot of positive attention towards State Farm Insurance and making a significant impact on their overall brand awareness. Glambot's pioneering technology has helped countless brands promote themselves in compelling new ways, and their contribution to State Farm's campaign is just one example of the power of cutting-edge video marketing.

Glambot™ has revolutionized the way we think about video production, offering a unique perspective on the world of video. Their robotic arm technology continues to change the game, and we can't wait to see what they come up with next.

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